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How Dangerous is Placenta Previa?

My sister got pregnant¬† with her second baby and experienced bleeding during her 1st trimester.The doctor’s findings was placenta previa. She was advised to have bed rest and avoid heavy household chores. During her 2nd trimester, she had bleeding again. She was admitted to the hospital and put on under observation. The doctor told us that if the bleeding won’t stop, she will undergo emergency caesarian and there will be less chance of survival for the baby because she is too small and underweight. With God’s help, the bleeding stopped and she was advised to have a complete bed rest. She was not allowed to move even in going to the bathroom. She urinates and defecates in a bed pan and someone should assist her.¬† If she wants to take a bath, someone should bathe her. Her doctor encouraged her to eat foods rich in carbohydrates and protein for the baby to gain weight and eat plenty of fruits especially papaya to avoid constipation. The baby’s weight should reached at least 2 kls to survive and the pregnancy should at least reached 34 weeks for the baby to mature. Her operation was scheduled last June 2, 2010 but she had bleeding last May 16, 2010 and underwent emergency caesarian. She had blood transfusion due to blood loss during the bleeding. The baby’s weight was 2.4 kls. with no complications. She just needs to be incubated for 3 days for observation since she was a premature baby. After 3 days the baby was discharged with assurance from her pediatrician that she is okay and develop no complication at all.

Looking back on the days that I took care of my sister, I realized that her pregnancy was very dangerous and it could cause death of the baby if she will not be rushed to the hospital in less tan 15 minutes. Until now I’m still confused on what causes placenta previa. All I know is that women who had caesarian during their first pregnancy are at risk to have a placenta previa on their 2nd pregnancy.

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